RVCS0.2 centering video

  • I noticed that when a user goes to the site for the first time both video windows are aligned to the left of the page. I tried to make those windows center horizontally, but couldn't find a solution.

    I made these changes

    protected function ovC_creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void
    				var cm : CookieManager = CookieManager.instance;
    				if (cm.partnerVideo.x == 40){
    					ovC.x = 400
    					ovC.x = cm.partnerVideo.x;
    				ovC.y = cm.partnerVideo.y;
    				ovC.width = cm.partnerVideo.width;
    				ovC.height = cm.partnerVideo.height;

    The problem i'm having is finding the center of the screen so I can use it as an X coordinate.

  • Try with horizontalCenter="0" as start value.

  • @'JabberCam':

    Try with horizontalCenter="0" as start value.

    I tried it, but the function ovC_creationCompleteHandler supersedes all the modifications. Even setting X and Y coordinates does nothing.

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