Confusing as hell…

  • You have a very good script but really a confusing web design… why having so many domains for the same software (,, and above all why having each one with a different site design? This is actually VERY confusing for a customer who want to buy your chatroulette script!!!

    Yesterday I wanted to buy RVCS but on this page I can see "RVC + RVCS
    Source + Upgrades" --> $99 while on this other page I can see "RVC + RVCS
    Source + Upgrades" --> $179.

    So who is the stupid one to buy the same software on the domain "" paying $80 more? Why you don't just make a unique homepage where is possible to buy the software at the same price and redirect all other domains to this page?!

  • You are 100% right. We may even loose sales due to this confusion. The reason why I (responsible for the sites and forum) did not talke care of it, lack of time. Everybody is coding (Flex, Java, PHP, AS, etc) or doing similar development at least 8-10 hours a day. After that 4-6 hours on the Flex projects, weekend included. If we don't work, we try to chill and get rid of the code pieces stuck in our minds … Thank you for noticing, I will take care of this.

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