Peer to Peer Chat feature

  • Hello Everyone,

    I want to know how the 'Direct connection to known user' feature works with chatroulette clone application. Does it provide a way to track down the username of the receiving user and store it in mysql database so that we can predetermine the receiving user rather than random video chat?

  • Exactly, if you hide the "NEXT" button and insert the textInput with "Connect" button instead, the RVC will act like a normal video chat, you can connect to a known username (if not busy). To have full functionality, this should work behind a login process (see login.php sample or related forum posts) and you should list online users. The login process can be any existing website's login that stores the username and later passes to RVC (see login.php). When you click on logged in user list (javascript/php/html) the URI passes the name of partner to RVC and the "Connect" command.

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