Different look (GUI) for CRC (JabberCam)

  • I really like the features and flexibility of the app. Is there a way to make the GUI look different? For example, I came across camchatscript.com and I like how they did their layout of the application. Is it possible to make the app mirror that in regards to looks?

    Yes, this is one of the easiest to achieve (different kinds of designs). Just use your imagination or a layout reference you like and visually edit the CRC using Flex builder (Adobe Flex® Builder™ 3) or Flash builder (Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4). You can move the layout around by drag and drop (just take care of the structure) or hide features by adding the visible="false" property. Easy as pie. (Google for different sites powered by CRC, some of them have a cool design, sometimes it is hard to recognize CRC 3 behind the structure).

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