Google vs Microsoft vs Facebook

  • Google (WebRTC) vs Microsoft (Skype) vs Facebook (the Network)

    May 2011: Microsoft has acquired Skype Communications, S.à r.l. (Skype) for ~ $8.5 billion.
    Jun 2011: Google released the technology, called WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication).

    Skype, implemented into the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, combined with Windows Live Messenger would bring p2p communication to everyone using a PC and Windows OS. Add the Windows Mobile devices and there you are, a video-communication network, connecting Windows PCs and Windows powered mobile devices. Obviously, the Linux, Android, Symbian, Mac OS X and iOS users would connect via Apps. Everyone.

    WebRTC implemented into Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera (and similar) browsers would bring p2p communication to everyone using a supporting browser. Safari and IE would be forced to follow the new W3C real-time communication Web standards. All mobile devices have (will have) HTML 5 capable browsers. Again, everyone.

    Facebook has everything, the users, the chat, the social network (growing to reach everyone). Again, everyone. The only thing that may be missing, a stable and reliable platform for 2p2 video communication (Google's WebRTC?).

    Apple has the Mac OS X and iOS, iPhone and iPad plus the App Store. Is it enough?
    Adobe, p2p video via Flash Player 10.1+. Why, if it is included in both the browser and OS (+ not allowed by iOS)?

    Who is going to win the battle for audio-video-connecting people? Ideas? Opinions? The Poll?
    this is just a theory, an idea

    Facebook + Skype (Microsoft) join forces:
    Google launches Google+ Hangouts with a group video chat feature:

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