Errors on RVC 5.6 - Using AFB 4.5 and FB 3

  • Hello guys,

    I m trying to export release build of Jabbercam.mxml (RVC version 5.6) using Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex Builder 3 but none of them works. I m using SDK 3.5 on both.

    I m getting 2 errors:
    Access of undefined property DEBUGGING. [Generated code (use -keep to save): Path:, Line: 302, Column: 7766]

    Access of undefined property RELEASE. [Generated code (use -keep to save): Path:, Line: 306, Column: 7712]

    Any idea on this?

  • I cannot reproduce the issue, but I am sure it is a setting in the flex properties files, try to delete them one by one (also the properties inside the files one by one) to locate the issue with exclusion. As a first step, delete the .fxpProperties file and import the flex project again from the folder than go ahead with the rest of those files:


    there must be a wrong setting or a wrong path somewhere.

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