Unknown Flex SDK: "Flex 3.5"

  • Error: Unknown Flex SDK: "Flex 3.5"

    Description: Unknown Flex SDK: "Flex 3.5"
    Severity: Error
    On element: SVC.0
    I folder:
    Location: line -1

    Solution: edit /.actionScriptProperties (compiler) and locate flexSDK, change it to SDK 4.5 or the SDK of your preference. Removing the flexSDK="Flex 3.5" setting works as well.


     <actionscriptproperties analytics="false" mainapplicationpath="VideoChat.mxml" version="6"></actionscriptproperties> 

    If you continue to receive errors, you may want to use a previous flex SDK, here are the download links:

    Download Flex SDK
    - flex 4 Downloads
    - flex 3 Downloads

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