Parner can't see My video cam

  • Julio, we provide a random video chat software and source code. A video chat source code, used by over one thousand web developers and programmers, including the open source video chat. The commercial software is almost the same as the open source video chat and the same software is used by where it works as demoed. The package you are using is exactly the same, unless at some modifications were made, since you got the same .swf application from jabbercam yesterday, it is exactly(!) the same. If you read the posts above, it seems the RVC works properly and it does not broadcast from your PC.

    This means there is nothing to do on your cPanel, the problem is on your computer, either the flash player, a flash player setting, a misconfiguration, a cookie, a compromised file or a configuration file, a setting that disallows flash player from sending out video signal, the video driver, your personal firewall, an ISP firewall or any other issue that we cannot troubleshoot. Yesterday I wrote "Try from another location or android mobile device to test and confirm yourself.", did you try the video chat from a different computer?

    We can never exclude a possible bug in the video chat, however, in such case we need a confirmation of the bug that describes the issue and the best way to reproduce it. In case you find a situation where your computer or flash player stops broadcasting and you can describe the method to reproduce the issue, we will gladly debug the RVC to see if this is a software issue or not. In other case it is impossible since it can be anything, including the ones described above.

    The logic is pretty simple, your partner is using the RVC software, downloaded to his computer from your domain, exactly the same you are running on your own device. I see two screenshots from your domain, both showing the partner's face, this means they are sending out video signal. If the software does send video signal from both of your friends, it does send video from us and in the meantime it does not broadcast from your computer, this means the problem is on your PC and not cPanel. Try it from another computer, any computer that has a webcam to confirm the above.

  • Gotcha..!!! Thankss….


  • I have question, what will happen if u r banned from the chat after 9 reports? is it permanent or temporarry

    is there anyway to remove the report ban?

  • It is temporary, see the $BAN_TIMEOUT setting in config.php

    /* User filtering and ban*/
    $FILTER_TIMEOUT = 15;                    // set the filter button, minutes (do not connect to filtered user for XX minutes)
    $NUM_REPORTS_TO_BAN = 3;                // set the report button (number of reports needed for a user to be banned)
    $BAN_TIMEOUT = 90;                        // set the report button, minutes (ban reported user for XX minutes)

    to remove the ban feature, add the visible="false" attribute in the source, here is more info on how to achieve that: -Installing-and-editing-RVC-5-PART2-step-by-step-description?highlight=Hide a button or other element

  • Hey how come I don't have the Facebook plugin to "discuss this event" Just like the one on .

    The facebook plugin chat that located right next to the jabbercam screen.


  • The facebook plugin is not part of the video chat software, it is part of the website, you can create your own.

  • how can I remove the Jabbercam logo while "waiting for video signals? I want exactly like in which has the spinning circle while waiting for video signal?


  • You need to add a different swf video to the /media/video/blankscreen folder that fits the 320*240 window.

    $AD_FOLDER = './media/video/blankscreen/';	// for video ads, directory where .swf videos are located

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