App loads but is blank.

  • We use Zend Framework for site construction so our folder structure does not always match our URLs. In order to keep the folder structure clean, rather than placing the files into the webdoc root (/home/public/) we have installed the entire code into a folder called “camapp” (/home/public/camapp/).

    Now, browsing directly to the app at and everything works fine.

    But we want to embed the .swf into our own page. So I've embedded it into a file that is viewed with a URL like as an example. In the file that gets used for that URL I have sourced the app with /camapp/ChatRouletteClone.swf

    The problem: the flash file loads so I know the browser/page/etc is finding the .swf. But the app is missing all the text. (see attached)

    I’m thinking that it is confused about where to find all its components or something. I am wondering if there is a setting somewhere to let the app know where it is located or something. Is it in the source and would need to be rebuilt? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  • Where have u kept ur lang_em.xml?

    it should be in jabbercam/lang/ folder

  • Once inside of the /camapp/ folder everything is as it was in the package and is in the same location relative to the .swf file. So our file structure looks like this:

        | |-history.css
        | |-historyFrame.html
        | |-history.js
        | |-config.php
        | |-functions.php
        | |-install.php
        | |-language/
        |   |-lang_ch.xml
        |   |-lang_de.xml
        |   |-lang_en.xml
        |   |-lang_fr.xml
        |   |-lang_hu.xml
        |   |-lang_it.xml
        |   |-lang_ro.xml
    ```It also is not getting the background images.
    * * *
    ok… just did some testing and it turns out that it doesn't seem to matter where the .swf file is but it always assumes that "jabbercam" folder is going to be at webdoc root. I renamed "camapp" folder to "jabbercam", moved stuff around and it now works. I'll assume that this dependency is in the source and could be corrected with a edit/re-build. But that'll wait for another day. It seems to me that the app should probably be able to determine its location and grab everything relative to itself but I'm not familiar with how these things work.

  • you can change location of jabbercam folder by changing config.php

    and specify

    lik that..

  • I assume you are talking about:

    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "";
    ```I was under the impression that was not used for a Red5 implementation.

  • I didnt knew you wre talking about red5…


    I assume you are talking about:

    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "";
    ```I was under the impression that was not used for a Red5 implementation.

  • administrators

    You should use a http request monitor and see from where is it trying to load resources.
    The redirection you're using is confusing flash.

    For that, you can use the <base> parameter at your embed code to set the root folder of where swf file is sitting.

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