How to video chat on Facebook

  • How to video chat on Facebook? - facebook launches video chat with Skype
    On Wednesday, July 7, Facebook launched video chatting powered by Skype (Microsoft).

    How to launch video chat on facebook
    How to set up video chat on Facebook?

    Start video chat (Skype) on facebook
    step by step description

    • go to

    • press "Get Started" (green button below Video Calling)

      • a new facebook window appears "Who Do You Want to Call?" - just select one of your online friends
      • a second facebook window appears "Give … a Call" and "To talk to … face to face, click the video call button" (you may press "Okay")
      • at the same time, the chat window opens and there is a new icon for video chat (Start a video call)
    • press the new "video chat button" (Start a video call) to start setting up facebook video call (this button is on the chat window you opened with your friend)

      • a third facebook window opens "Set up video calling?" and "To talk to … face to face, please complete a quick, one-time setup."
        in the same window you'll see your friends who already installed facebook video calling "3 of your friends already set up video calling."
    • press "Set Up" to continue

      • the FacebookVideoCalling.jar (Mac) or FacebookVideoCallSetup.exe (Windows) will be downloaded to your device and a new alert window gives the following instructions:
        To set up video calling with Facebook:
      1. Click FacebookVideoCalling.jar in the bottom corner of your browser.
      2. Once setup is complete, you're ready to enjoy your first call.
    • Open (run) the downloaded application to set up facebook video call

      • the software will be installed in a few moments and your previously selected friend is called automatically
    • You are ready do make video calls via facebook. Enjoy!

  • How to set up video chat on Facebook, description images:

  • Video Chat Quick tip: Go to
    Scroll down on left and click “Add to My Page”
    Next time access from left side of your own fb page

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