Disablle or ignore warnings

  • Hi guys,

    can anybody help, how to set Adobe flash buuilder 4.5 to ignore the warnings…

    Currently I am not able to export release build because it stopes on warnings.. :(
    It says: One or more warnings were found while building release version. You may choose to ignore them... BUT HOW??? :(:(:(

    I already tried to disable warnings by warnings=false, but when I do taht I get 2 errors.. :( :(
    I also tried warnings=ignore, but again I get those errors..

    ERRORS are:

    1. 1120: Acces of undefined property release
    2. 1208: The initializer for a configuration value must be a compile time constant.

    Thanks for any advice...


  • If you have warnings and no errors, the release build should be created, ignore the warnings.
    Check the /bin-release folder for the compiled JaberCam.swf

  • Yes, release buil is created, but without changes i made.. :( it looks like unfinished.. It has the same design as default..

    Thanks for any help..

  • Try to delete all files from /bin-release and create a new release build. Like this you'll make sure you're looking at the same folder (and files) you just compiled. If there are no files, most likely you created your release build in /Documents/Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 (My Documents on Windows) folder.

    To get rid of (most) warnings, use SDK 3.6 instead the default:
    Project >> Properties >> Flex Compiler -> Use a specific SDK and select "Flex 3.6"

  • Thank you, that helps,

    once I deleted old release files, the new files have been done properly..

    But now I have other problem. I want to remove Speed chat and speed date button, and also auto next section. I set them as visible="false". In Flash builder they are unvisible, so it looks fine, but on the server they are unvisible just when I press STOP.. If I press Start , they suddenly appear, and when I press STOP they disappear again. How can I remove them completly to stop them to appear.. ????

    Thanks for any help..

  • The buttons visibility is controlled by JabberCam.as. SpeedDate and SpeedChat are have the visible="false" property by default and they become visible after connecting to a partner. Removing would be the best solution but since that involves actionscript knowledge, I suggest to either move the buttons, give them alpha="0" property or change the commands in JabberCam.as that make the buttons visible to false.

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