Installing problems

  • I just purchased RVCS 0.2, unpacked it, uploaded the files to my domain, made the changes in de configPHP the way it's explained in the tutorial and when I launch my site the two vid screens appear, the question to turn camera on appears, but then it stops. The button where u need to press to start says: initializing and keeps doing so. Nothing else is happening. What am I doing wrong?
    I'm no webdesigner. Please help me out. I like to get this site running and eventualy make the looks and feels my own.

  • Try to read trough this post, eventually download the attached 0.3 to see if that works on your server:

  • I tried everything I can think of so far. I think I read all discussions on this forum related to installing problems, deleted installed versions, uploaded new ones, changed php config files, reinstalled versions 0.2, 3 even RVC 5.6 several times to see if this works, but my problems don't go away. I contacted the Hostingprovider to inform if there's some service or module not installed on the servers that may cause the malfunction of the scripts and they are sure everything is fine on their side. Since I'm no webdeveloper and even though I'm not a complete noob to handling webdesign stuff I would kindly ask if you can do the installing for me. I've purchased the software without remote installation so I hope we can work this out.

  • Please send the cPanel login details or FTP access (with full rw 0777 right) in a PM or via e-mail.

  • The /services/files directory is not created, it seems like something is blocking the script from accessing the /services directory. Please ask your server admin to check server logs.

    If I enter as $WEB_SERVICE_URL, the script starts (will not work on remote server) meaning, the config.php is accessed.

    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = '[path]/[filename].php';
    $DEVELOPER_KEY = '******';
    $CAMERA_REQUIRED = true;
    $TIME_TO_LIVE = 195;
    $CONNECTION_TIMEOUT = 30; // seconds
    ```- this leads to one possible issue, the same I mentioned above, the script cannot access (or write) the /services/files directory.

  • The server admin installed the script for me as described in the guidelines, to reproduce the problem mentioned, but they never got any errors in the process. Even when they gave every individual file all rights, nothing strange happens when installing. They checked the httpd-error.log in the process and also there they encountered no error readings. They say and I quote: there's nothing wrong on the server. Everything should work fine. No read and or write problems on the serverside, so I'm back to you guys. What do I do now? I realy want a working script. I have domainname and 5 year hosting contract but the script doesn't work for me …yet.

  • I just asked for a shared account on a standard cPanel server (WHM 11.30.2 build 1 CENTOS 5.6 i686 virtuozzo, default settings) and installed the latest RVCS 0.3.
    We did a quick test and it works fine.

    To test it, please edit:
    and insert your Cirrus developer key to $DEVELOPER_KEY

    Please get back if it works, for next instructions. The cPanel (including FTP) access and link to the running RVCS video chat was sent to you in a separate e-mail.

  • OK I made the changes in cPanel. It seems to be working. The start button is active now, so is the searching button when i click on start….what's next?.....:)

  • Start a new browser tab and test if you see yourself.

  • Yep, I see myself.

  • OK I made the changes on the shared server in Cpanel, tested it, it seems to be working allright there, can u tell me what to do next to get it to work in my own site?

  • Copy all the files (exactly as they are) to your server and don't change anything except the $WEB_SERVICE_URL in config.php. It should work, if not, something is blocking the script on your server. It may be a security setting that is different from default settings.

    You can also point your DNS to the temporary server (you got the nameserver info) and test if it works on your domain (modify $WEB_SERVICE_URL on the temporary server). After it works, just copy everything and change the DNS back. In this case do not edit anything after moving back leave files as they are.

  • Hi - attempting to upgrade from 5.4 to latest version. Basically I want to remove the nickname screen or at least have it a) with a black background and b) make it work. Right now if you type in a nickname it just has a clock icon permanently.

    Any tips on a) what we need to do to make it work or if not, b) how to not have that name page?



  • in /jabbercam/config.php

    / LOGIN PROCESS SETTINGS (turn on/off mandatory camera and username | values: true or false)
    $CAMERA_REQUIRED = true;				// 'true' or 'false'
    $LOGIN_SCREEN_ENABLE = true;			// 'true' or 'false' (you may use login.php instead RVC 5.1+)
    $SOCIAL_BUTTONS_LOGIN_SCREEN = true;	// 'true' or 'false'

    Set LOGIN_SCREEN_ENABLE to false.

    About the hangup, it could be the WEB_SERVICE_URL or DEVELOPER_KEY, post your config.php here (without database password!)

    also PM your domain or make sure WEB_SERVICE_URL look like this:

    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "";
    ```and you have SERVER_TYPE set to "Stratus" with a valid DEVELOPER_KEY

    /* Flash media server settings (rtmfp or rtmp | values: Stratus or Red5) /
    $SERVER_TYPE = 'Stratus'; // 'Red5 or 'Stratus'
    if Stratus /
    $DEVELOPER_KEY = "ADOBE_CIRRUS_KEY"; // your Adobe Cirrus (Stratus) developer key obtained from Adobe (read forum)
    if Red5 */

  • Thanks a lot! Here is my Config.


    // Room #
    $room = 1;

    // Back-en location (exact location of functions.php on your domain |[folder]/jabbercam/functions.php
    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "{$room}/jabbercam/functions.php"; //

    // Database configuration for Stratus
    $DB_HOST = "XXXXXXXXXX"; //database host (server)
    $DB_USER = "XXXXXXXXXX"; //database username
    $DB_PASSWORD = "XXXXXXXXXX"; //database password
    $DB_DATABASE = "XXXXXXXXXX"; //database name

    // Optional database configuration for Red5, used to install database tables (for Red5 database configuration read INSTALL.txt)
    $RED5_DB_HOST = "localhost"; //database host (server)
    $RED5_DB_USER = "dbuser"; //database username
    $RED5_DB_PASSWORD = "dbpassword"; //database password
    $RED5_DB_DATABASE = "databasename"; //database name

    // Flash media server settings (rtmfp or rtmp | values: Stratus or Red5)
    $SERVER_TYPE = 'Stratus'; // 'Red5 or 'Stratus'

    if($SERVER_TYPE == 'Red5') {

    // Stratus
    $DEVELOPER_KEY = "XXXXXXXXXX"; // your Adobe Stratus developer key obtained from Adobe (read INSTALL.txt)

    // Red5
    $RED5_CONNECT_URL = 'rtmp://'; // leave this free, temporary resource or use your own
    $RED5_CONNECT_URL_B1 = '';
    $RED5_CONNECT_URL_B2 = '';
    $RED5_CONNECT_MAIN_TIMEOUT = 30; // minutes

    // Maintenance settings
    $REMOVE_SESSIONS_OLDER_THAN = '180'; // set the amount of time, minutes, sessions to be cleared by the ?task=cleanAllOlder function

    // Video ads on idle partner window
    $AD_FOLDER = './media/video/blankscreen/'; // set the directory where video ads (.swf videos) are placed

    // Login process settings (turn on/off mandatory username and camera | values: true or false)
    $LOGIN_SCREEN_ENABLE = false; // 'true' or 'false'
    $CAMERA_REQUIRED = false; // 'true' or 'false'

    // Volume settings
    $SPEAKER_VOLUME = 0.5; // [0-1]
    $MICROPHONE_VOLUME = 0.3; // [0-1]

    // User connection timing and user filtering
    $MINIMUM_CONNECTED_TIME = 1; // the minimum time in seconds, two users must stay connected before they can press NEXT (global)
    $TIME_TO_LIVE = 50; // set the delay, seconds (close the session if the server doesn't receive a response for XX seconds)

    $FILTER_TIMEOUT = 15; // set the filter button, minutes (do not connect to filtered user for XX minutes)
    $BAN_TIMEOUT = 45; // set the report button, minutes (ban reported user for XX minutes)
    $NUM_REPORTS_TO_BAN = 5; // set the report button (number of reports needed for a user to be banned)

    // SpeedChat and SpeedDate connection timing settings
    $SPEEDCHAT_CONNECTED_TIME = 5; // the default time for speedchat (if not set different by the client, using the Flash slider)
    $SPEEDCHAT_MIMIMUM_CONNECTED_TIME = 3; // the minimum time a user must stay connected before he can disconnect when using SpeedChat
    $SPEEDDATE_CONNECTED_TIME = 30; // the default time for speeddate (if not set different by the client, using the Flash slider)
    $SPEEDDATE_MINIMUM_CONNECTED_TIME = 10; // the minimum time a user must stay connected before he can disconnect when using SpeedDate

    // Feature and filter settings
    $LANGUAGES = array("en"=>"English");

    $AUTONEXT_VALUES = array("man"=>0, "5"=>5, "10"=>10, "30"=>30, "1min"=>60);
    $AGEFILTER_VALUES = array("Off", "16-25", "26-40", "41+");
    $LANG_FILTERS = array ("en"=>"English", "es"=>"Spanish", "cn"=>"Chinese", "ru"=>"Russian", "de"=>"German", "it"=>"Italian", "fr"=>"French");

    $CUSTOM_FILTER_1_ENABLE = true; // 'true' or 'false'
    $CUSTOM_FILTER_1_LABEL = "Location"; // any label (text)
    $CUSTOM_FILTER_1 = array(
    "American Samoa"=>"American Samoa",
    "District of Columbia"=>"District of Columbia",
    "New Hampshire"=>"New Hampshire",
    "New Jersey"=>"New Jersey",
    "New Mexico"=>"New Mexico",
    "New York"=>"New York",
    "North Carolina"=>"North Carolina",
    "North Dakota"=>"North Dakota",
    "Northern Marianas Islands"=>"Northern Marianas Islands",
    "Puerto Rico"=>"Puerto Rico",
    "Rhode Island"=>"Rhode Island",
    "South Carolina"=>"South Carolina",
    "South Dakota"=>"South Dakota",
    "Virgin Islands"=>"Virgin Islands",
    "West Virginia"=>"West Virginia",
    "International"=>"International"); // option list (text)

    $CUSTOM_FILTER_2_ENABLE = true; // 'true' or 'false'
    $CUSTOM_FILTER_2_LABEL = "Looking for"; // any label (text)
    $CUSTOM_FILTER_2 = array("friends"=>"Make Friends", "advice"=>"Advice", "listen"=>"Someone to Listen", "mixed"=>"Mixed Bag!"); // option list (text)

    $BLUR_EFFECT = true; // true or false
    $BLUR_EFFECT_DURATION = 5; // seconds



    if(isset($_GET['setts'])) {
    header('Content-type: text/xml');
    echo '<settings><servertype>'.$SERVER_TYPE.'</servertype>';

    if($SERVER_TYPE != 'Red5') {
    echo '<webserviceurl>'.$WEB_SERVICE_URL.'</webserviceurl>'.
    } else {
    echo '<red5connecturl>'.$RED5_CONNECT_URL.'</red5connecturl>';

    echo '<red5connecturlb1>'.$RED5_CONNECT_URL_B1.'</red5connecturlb1>';

    echo '<red5connecturlb'.(isset($red5_connect_url_b1)?'2':'1').'>'.$RED5_CONNECT_URL_B2.

    if(isset($RED5_CONNECT_MAIN_TIMEOUT) && (isset($RED5_CONNECT_URL_B1) || isset($RED5_CONNECT_URL_B2)))
    echo '<red5connectmaintimeout>'.$RED5_CONNECT_MAIN_TIMEOUT.'</red5connectmaintimeout>';

    echo '<languages>';
    foreach ($LANGUAGES as $code=>$lang) {
    echo "<lang><label></label>$code</lang>";
    echo '</languages>';

    echo '<langfilters>';
    foreach($LANG_FILTERS as $code=>$lang) {
    echo "<filter><label></label>$code</filter>";
    echo '</langfilters>';

    echo '<timetolive>'.$TIME_TO_LIVE.'</timetolive>';

    echo '<minimumconnectedtime>'.$MINIMUM_CONNECTED_TIME.'</minimumconnectedtime>';
    echo '<speedchatconnectedtime>'.$SPEEDCHAT_CONNECTED_TIME.'</speedchatconnectedtime>';
    echo '<speedchatminimumconnectedtime>'.$SPEEDCHAT_MIMIMUM_CONNECTED_TIME.'</speedchatminimumconnectedtime>';
    echo '<speeddateconnectedtime>'.$SPEEDDATE_CONNECTED_TIME.'</speeddateconnectedtime>';
    echo '<speeddateminimumconnectedtime>'.$SPEEDDATE_MINIMUM_CONNECTED_TIME.'</speeddateminimumconnectedtime>';

    echo '<agefiltervalues>';
    foreach($AGEFILTER_VALUES as $filter) {
    echo "";
    echo '</agefiltervalues>';

    echo '<autonextvalues>';
    foreach($AUTONEXT_VALUES as $label=>$value) {
    echo "<autonext><label></label><autovalue></autovalue></autonext>";
    echo '</autonextvalues>';

    if(is_dir($AD_FOLDER) === TRUE) {
    echo '<ads>';
    $dir = opendir($AD_FOLDER);

    if($dir) {
    while(($filename = readdir($dir)) != FALSE) {
    if(is_file($AD_FOLDER.$filename) && preg_match('/^.+.(?:jpg|png|gif|jpeg|swf)$/', $filename))
    echo "<ad>{$AD_FOLDER}{$filename}</ad>";


    echo '</ads>';

    echo '<customfilter1 label="'.$CUSTOM_FILTER_1_LABEL.'">';
    foreach($CUSTOM_FILTER_1 as $key=>$value) {
    echo "<filter><filtervalue>$key</filtervalue><label>$value</label></filter>";
    echo '</customfilter1>';

    echo '<customfilter2 label="'.$CUSTOM_FILTER_2_LABEL.'">';
    foreach($CUSTOM_FILTER_2 as $key=>$value) {
    echo "<filter><filtervalue>$key</filtervalue><label>$value</label></filter>";
    echo '</customfilter2>';

    echo '<loginscreenenable>'.($LOGIN_SCREEN_ENABLE?'true':'false').'</loginscreenenable>';
    echo '<camerarequired>'.($CAMERA_REQUIRED?'true':'false').'</camerarequired>';

    echo '<speakervolume>'.$SPEAKER_VOLUME.'</speakervolume>';
    echo '<microphonevolume>'.$MICROPHONE_VOLUME.'</microphonevolume>';

    echo '<blureffect>'.($BLUR_EFFECT?'true':'false').'</blureffect>';
    echo '<blureffectintensity>'.$BLUR_EFFECT_INTENSITY.'</blureffectintensity>';
    echo '<blureffectduration>'.$BLUR_EFFECT_DURATION.'</blureffectduration>';

    echo '<googleappid>'.$GOOGLE_APP_ID.'</googleappid>';

    echo '<socialbuttonsloginscreen>'.($SOCIAL_BUTTONS_LOGIN_SCREEN?'true':'false').'</socialbuttonsloginscreen>';

    echo '</settings>';

  • I made a test, both database and fms are OK. If you access the RVC with "www", it should work.

  • I did exactly as described but as soon as I copy the files from the shared account to the server where my site is hosted, it stops working.The admin keeps asking if there's some module besides PHP and MySQL, that needs to be installed on their server, for the script to work, a module which on some other servers maybe standard issue, but not on theirs.

  • No, there is only PHP and MySQL needed and write access to the web-service folder. There must be something wrong with creating the files by the script.

  • Is there a way of uploading a screen capture? The engineering working on this with me is telling me there are errors with the latest release 5.9 and I'd like to get your opinion JabberCam. Could be nothing but he's putting down tools until I get feedback.

  • We are getting errors from the latest source code - please see screenshot attached. Any suggestions? Thanks as ever for your help!

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