User name saved in local shared object

  • Hello !

    I really would like to use this option who is already in the code …

    // user name is saved in local shared object
    private var localSO:SharedObject;
    [Bindable] private var remoteName:String = "";

    I uncommented these lines but the username is not stored in local flash shared objects….

    How can I enable this option ?


  • If you are trying to pass the username into RVC, it works fine, with a little change:

    • the login.php has an error, remove the "" from the username (URL) and use:
    ```instead of:

    - or, there is a different method described here:

  • Oups ! It is not really what I want to do…
    I'll try be to more clear ;)

    My question is : How can I store the last used Nickname... I want to store it locally on the user's computer
    in: %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player#SharedObjects in order to get it again later
    without have to retype it ?

    I uncommented the following line in the file :" private var localSO:SharedObject; "
    but that does not seem enough ....

    Any help ?

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