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  • ive looked at and cant find where to change the links on flash builder ive gone to 5.9>src>jabbercam>lang in flash builder and just cant seem to find where to change the links and also how do i find the video advert to change that?

  • To edit the links with RVC 5.9 you don't need the Flash Builder any more. Simply go to your server and edit the following location:


    and other language files

    If you wish to remove the buttons instead of changing the links, you need the Flash Builder 4.5.
    edit JabberCam.mxml and find the following:

     <mx:hbox width="{chatWidth}" id="ChatArea" stylename="ChatArea"><mx:canvas width="100%"><mx:textarea width="100%" height="{chatHeight}" id="taChat" editable="false" wordwrap="true" stylename="TextAreaH"></mx:textarea></mx:canvas></mx:hbox> 
    ```set all buttons visibility to false: **visible="false"**
    do the same within the settings and advanced settings panels:
    More editing options here:

  • Thanks a lot :)

  • Right ive found the links within the lang_en i change them but nothing has happend after ive re uploaded them?

    Also i cannot find '

  • After uploading a new language, you need to clear your browser's cache and reload the page to see the effects. With 5.9 the ads are removed (per several requests I guess). Just add a div in HTML:

  • Yeah sorted the lang_en now the text has disapeard from the buttons? also the blue text that comes up saying about click here to get the software isnt in the lang?

    Also i cant see anything in your reply about changing the video ad within the chat when there is no cam signal being received?

  • Buttons are disappearing if you made a mistake while translating the file or a text value is missing. Language files should be XML to avoid these, hard to find errors, for some reason it was changed to plain text around version 5. Try to compare the translated file with the original or try this method:

    Replace 50% of the translated file with the original and check the result. If it works, the replaced 50% has the error.
    Repeat this with the 50% containing the problem dividing it again (25%). In a few steps, you'll find the row to fix.

    To remove text ads (blue text), edit /jabbercam/media/text/adtext.txt. Change the ads or simply delete adtext.txt.

  • Inside /jabbercam/media/text/ there is only .ds_store and ._.ds_store?

  • In this case there should be no ad-text in your chat-area but it seems I misunderstood your question, you were referring to the video ad. Do the same at /jabbercam/media/video/blankscreen

  • there are ads when you first go on saying ' Download this software to start your own chat website. Click here'

    Don't worry ive found it within the text file :) thankyou

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