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  • Not yet, but I have someone working on it, who is more skilled in AFB than me, hopefully he will be able to do it. If not, it could be a problem :s

    Edit - sorry, i did not read the above post properly, I thought that question was for me.

  • @'Nahodchat':

    Not yet, but I have someone working on it, who is more skilled in AFB than me, hopefully he will be able to do it. If not, it could be a problem :s

    Edit - sorry, i did not read the above post properly, I thought that question was for me.

    Nahodchat, I am also waiting for the version with the thumbnails but would be interested to se yours as well. If you decide to turn off the audio/video, make sure you turn it off completely from the AS and not just the MXML. This will speed things up. If I can make a little free time will add my version with the ide above ;)

  • Here is a working version of it, please check it:


    its still not the final version, but i plan to do only design changes now, otherwise its good.
    The only bigger problem i found with it, is that, when someone quits or disconnects from the chat window without pressing the stop button, the other chat partner will be left there without noticing it (no message about the other partner disconnecting). Could someone help me with that?

  • Great! It seems to work. Did you change the as and removed code parts that initiated the audio/video or just the video windows and microphone init? Could not test if there is audio left. I made a quick test and seems like old IDs are not removed from the database.

    Try the following /jabbercam/config.php

    /* User connection timing */
    $MINIMUM_CONNECTED_TIME = 2;			// the minimum time in seconds, two users must stay connected before they can press NEXT (global)
    $TIME_TO_LIVE = 2; 					// set the delay, seconds (close the session if the server doesn't receive a response for XX seconds)
    /* Maintenance settings */
    $REMOVE_SESSIONS_OLDER_THAN = '5';	// set the amount of time, minutes, sessions to be cleared by the ?task=cleanAllOlder function, set this to > 30 after the tests

    and create a cron job:

    /usr/local/bin/php -q /home/[username]/public_html/jabbercam/admin.php?task=cleanAllOlder
    /usr/bin/wget -q -O /dev/null http://www.[yourdomain].com/jabbercam/admin.php?task=cleanAllOlder
    ```*cPanel Servers. The [username] you'll find it on the left side of main cPanel: Home Directory /home/[username]

  • I did nothing :angel: i hired someone to do it. But he did remove (commented it) the video code from the .as . Because when we first tried to hide the video windows first, it asked for the permissions to start the webcam, so it was not really removed. Now its removed completely i think.

    I did the changes you wrote, but it did not help :-/ . I have a feeling that a part of code in the AS that was needed for it, was commented also.

    Also, was not sure about the cron - i just used the second command, is it ok? I did not use the first.

    EDIT: I also have a basic (no modification) version of the chat uploaded and there is the same problem, it does not disconnects the users when someone quits it with closing the browser. Also its very hard to connect to someone, most of the time it writes, that there were no users found, even if i know for sure, that there is someone.

    http://bit.ly/qSQ4rs - here is the basic version on my server

  • This is why I mentioned the cron job. When you log-in, you get an ID and it stays in the database unless you delete it:


  • I still do not know how to make the cron job (i always receive an email that the directory/file could be not found), but did it manually by typing it in the browser… i think it connects now the users very fast and good. BUT it did not help with the issue of disconnecting when one users closes the browser/window without pressing stop :huh: . If someone could help me with this, i would be really happy, because i cannot proceed without it.

    Edit : I could connect to myself without problems, but the problem with connecting to other people remained :(

  • You have a point here. The ping that should close the connection after N seconds, is not working for some reason. Maybe the connection is closed but at the same time NEXT should be activated and processed. I have to take a closer look at this and make some tests.

    It seems like TIME_TO_LIVE is processed by the RVC php service:

    function clean() {
    		$result = mysql_query("DELETE sessions, filters, user_settings, user_prefs, chats FROM sessions ".
    			"LEFT JOIN filters ON sessions.id=filters.id LEFT JOIN user_settings ON sessions.id=user_settings.id ".
    			"LEFT JOIN user_prefs ON sessions.id=user_prefs.id LEFT JOIN chats ON sessions.id=chats.peer1 || ".
    			"sessions.id=chats.peer2 ".
    			"WHERE type=0 && created_at < DATE_SUB(NOW(),INTERVAL $TIME_TO_LIVE SECOND);");
    		return $result;
    ```- the web service is cleaning up the ID from the database, leaving no phantom user. This event is not processed by the application and no signal is received about the event. This will work fine with a video chat since it is assumed, the user will press NEXT if there is no activity (no video signal or video is frozen) and the rest was already done by php.
    In your case it is different, since there is no audio/video signal, the user has no feedback about te other party leaving the chat.
    * * *
    Te solution is to process the event in the application and as result activate and process findPartner();
    It needs a modification in the script that may use the same $TIME_TO_LIVE variable and sends a ping to the database, if the connected user is not responding in N seconds ($TIME_TO_LIVE) than activate NEXT (btnNext.enabled = true;) and start looking for a new partner (findPartner();). You may need to take a deeper look to handle all scenarios like speed-date, speed-chat, auto next, countdown timer etc. or you can skip using these functions. It is not complicated but it needs some time to go trough the as.

  • Something similar used to be in a previous CRC or RVC version we tested, but was removed later. There was a problem with 1000+ users using the MySQL database on a normal shared hosting. The web service caused high MySQL load while processing too many SQL queries. I remember a test where a 10 CPU Intel Xeon dedicated SQL server went down several times per day, while the functions.php used a lot of memory itself, causing the web server to slow down or even fail. Some parts of the script, including this ping were removed to reduce the number of queries by 2000+/sec. Btw. the php sample that comes with RVC is just an implementation sample and it is was never changed nor enhanced, the database structure is the same that came with first versions. Whoever is using RVC, should create his own web service, as recommended in the descriptions.

  • Thanks for your help ;) . But I just thought about it - wouldn't be the RVCS tremendously better for this? It does not use any MySQL and it looks like, it has some function, that it disconnects you, when the other one quits the browser/window. Are there any disadvantages with using the RVCS the way I want - ie. text chat?

    I need to know that before committing any more resources/time/money to the modification of RVC.

  • Do you have both RVC and RVCS sources? In this case I would definitely use RVCS. It has a more simple connection, without all the features you don't really need. It also disconnects almost instantly if you close the partner browser tab. Right after disconnecting, you need to ad an alert, that's all.
    Anyway, test it and make sure this is what you need.

    RVCS http://demo.videosoftware.pro/rvcs
    SVC http://apps.facebook.com/video-call/ -also works without facebook or any other login.

  • Try the cron-job in the format used above this is exactly what we use on our site. The partner disconnected alert is not included in RVC yet.

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