"Text version only" modification for $40

  • Hi,

    I bought RVC, but I need some changes to it. So here is what I would need from you to do - I need to delete all things in the code related to video/audio. I need it simply to be TEXT ONLY chat.

    I attached a picture how it should be done. The chat will be used on my current chat site http://bit.ly/pLsbmS . The only feature Iam not sure about, if it can be done easily, is the online users counter - it will be no problem, if it cant be done.

    In the picture, the chat is in blue color, its good but i would like a white/grey one which would be great on my site (http://bit.ly/pLsbmS), but the blue one is also good :) . Also the button NEXT should be "Connect" when you first start the chat and then it should change to "NEXT" (dont know if it can be done, but it would be great if yes).

    I will pay you $40 for this simple modification (i prefer Paypal). Please send me a private message, if you can do this.

  • I can make the modifications, PM sent with the details.

  • Are you still need help with this?

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