Installing and configuring SVC SR video chat

  • Something is wrong with the package, I followed what has been mentioned above, but no success, the application loads but there is no loading of the languages for labels.

  • The package is tested, the problem, SVC is unable to load the config.xml try to check with your server admin, does not have permission to load

  • I'm sure what you are suggesting, but I just tried same package on 3 different hosts/server, same issue.

  • If you did try on different servers than you may have a point here… would you test a demo account on a standard server, from one of the popular US providers if ask for and I send you login details in a PM?

  • @Govido
    I PMed you last night, but didn't heard back from you.

  • Here is the video chat, installed on a new cPanel VPS with default settings (nothing changed): http://209.50.248.XXX/~sharkman -sent you a PM witht cPanel/FTP access details and full URL.

  • You may use the install.php to create your tables on your own server, please don't forget to place create.sql near install.php under the /svc directory (the downloadable installer package can be found earlier in this post).

    During the installation I noticed something. The software did not connect for me either, came back with Not Connected… message. This is a rare issue and can be fixed by editing config.xml

    original config.xml


    edited config.xml - the complete URL to services was added


    the above should look like this if the domain is


  • You were right the config.xml file does not get loaded by the swf file. Have you ever experienced such issue, any idea how to fix it, or should contact the host ?

    I thing the whole problem is caused by the crossdomain.xml and "allowscriptaccess" flashvars in the home page,
    I changed all "params.allowscriptaccess = "true";"
    but I'm not sure about theses:
    <allow-access-from domain="" to-ports=""><allow-http-request-headers-from domain="" headers=""></allow-http-request-headers-from></allow-access-from>

  • Yes, that is a highly possible cause. Also, some previous versions had parameters pointing to in the HTML sample. Please reply if you figure out the problem, in order to help others.
    If there is a .js issue, loading the SWF application directly, should override it.

  • Couldn't figure it out, I'm not familiar with cross-domain and these kind of setups. Godaddy is well known for not going well with cross-domain files. Is there any way to get rid of cross domain setup and make it like previous version of the script ?

  • Yes, delete crossdomain.xml

  • Still not working after removing crossdomain.xml

  • It must be a server setting, disallowing access to config.xml; as you see, the software works just fine on the shared account I sent. Try to copy the soft from there -as it is- and edit config.php and config.xml after your needs. If you still receive no connection messages, you need to figure out the issue with your host.

  • We tested on different servers like Bluehost, HostGator, RackSpace, Hosting Marketers, etc. The last one offers Red5 in their package. I am not sure about the support quality, all the above should be good if not excellent. We had our Red5 versions tested and hosted (courtesy) by Hosting Marketers for about six months, I can recommend them. Stable service, excellent support.

  • I have followed all this with no luck.

    My chat works but still seems to be finding a bunch of users from some one else's server because mine is not even published yet?

    What this does not explain is where to insert by Adobe Developer code and the URL to their cirrus server? I have asked this several times and so far it appears no one knows??? :huh:

    Is there an actual set of documentations on installing this for Random Chat?

    No users, using Cirrus ( formerly Stratus )

  • Here is an answer to your previous post, you don't need to install Cirrus:

    If using SVC you don't need the developer key or the link to cirrus any more, these are included. Here is the documentation for installing SVC:
    Follow the link next to "Local connection" under TROUBLESHOOTING for setting up a local connection.

  • Thanks…where do I at least view the key that is being used? Having just read the most recent information on the Adobe's Cirrus site it seems to indicate that to utilize Cirrus I had to register and receive a developer key which I did.

    Do I assume you have coded in your own developer key somewhere in the code? If so, where is that?

    How do I test that my video is streaming through Cirrus and not through my own server.

    THIS IS IMPORTANT due to bandwidth issues. :shy:

  • The Adobe Cirrus API Key is included within the SVC library (svc-flexlibs.swc), delivered by the SVC development team (look for Flexer on this forum). You may be able to get modified (or the original) SVC libs from other sources as well, just make sure, you are using the latest ones.

    Most of these video chat scripts are using the libs to connect to cirrus and let SVC handle the connection, it is a turnkey solution that does not need editing. The API key belongs to the original developer and cannot be changed unless you wish do create a different method and you have these libraries from its creator.

    Regarding SVC-SR, you have the full source code that gives you the needed flexibility to edit the software, add and remove features; you don't need to change the connection method to Cirrus.

    Regarding the multimedia stream: it is not going trough Cirrus, it is peer-to-peer, meaning the chat partners are connected directly (read about p2p). The Adobe Cirrus server is just handling these connections.

    Since you did not include any URL into the software to point to your own Flash Media Server (AFMS, Wowza, Red5, …) it is slightly possible to have any multimedia going trough your server... at least with the commonly used technologies. So, no worries, there is no multimedia going trough your server.

  • @'Video:

    Regarding the multimedia stream: it is not going trough Cirrus, it is peer-to-peer, meaning the chat partners are connected directly (read about p2p). The Adobe Cirrus server is just handling these connections.

    Yes, I understood that the video was P2P but absent the cirrus the software did not have a method to make those connections. This is why I wanted to be sure that Cirrus was implemented and absent documentation for this script there was no means for me to know how this was being done.

    This program really should contain a full set of documents on setup and configuration as part of the distribution or at lease a link to documentation on the web site, not just a forum.

    Still unanswered are:

    How do I show number of connections on my server?
    How do I implement ads or other functions? ( Note: I know I can use frames to include Google ads etc. but what if I want an occasional ad to appear in the chat window? Source of image? Duration? Frequency?
    What if I want to alter the size of chat windows.

    Using the developer's own key raises another question about co-mingling of users. Are my users kept separate from other users who may be using the same script but on a different server?

  • If you go to the first page of this post, there is a comprehensive and complete description on how to install the software. This link is included with every package (README.txt).

    Here are the answers to your questions:

    1. with a simple MySQL query all users are present in the database (number of connections), you can access this with any script, including the Flash application.
    2. you have the complete source code for the user interface; just edit /src/components/SingleRandom.mxml andd/or any related mxml file and insert your ads. If you wish to insert ads to the chat window, find this section (mx:TextArea):
      			 <s:bordercontainer stylename="chatContainer" width="100%"><s:vgroup width="100%" height="100%" paddingleft="4" paddingright="4" paddingtop="4" paddingbottom="4"><mx:textarea id="chatOutput" valuecommit="chatOutput.verticalScrollPosition = chatOutput.maxVerticalScrollPosition" link="Common.linkHandler(event);" verticalscrollpolicy="auto" selectable="true" editable="false" stylename="chatOutput" width="100%" height="100%"></mx:textarea></s:vgroup></s:bordercontainer> 
    3. the source of images can be found under /src/style/common/media/images -folder
      • if you wish to add images used by a specific skin, just insert your images under /src/style/STYLENAME/media/images
      • you can also create your own styles, besides the existing ones, you have several samples included
    4. if you create your own ads, you can specify any duration and frequency, that is up to you. Create your ads and insert them, wherever you wish.
    5. to alter the size of the chat windows, just change the "width" and "height" in the above-mentioned file, to alter the size of video windows, edit LocalCamera.mxml or RemoteCamera.mxml, found under the same folder and change these values:
       <mx:videodisplay id="videoDisplay" width="320" height="240"></mx:videodisplay> 

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