"Start drawing" - Chatroulette

  • Draw pictures similar to "Paint" while on video-chat.

    After nearly two years, since chatroulette took off, we did not see as much of improvement as we expected. We liked the previous design with nice backgrounds but the "salt" is still missing. The connection problems, video quality and overall speed were fixed and enhanced but nothing extraordinary, yet. I like the chat-roulette idea and I miss the creativity. Recently, noticed something that - if it would be well-thought - may bring some extra fun to the random chat. Did you notice the new "Start drawing" button with the color picker that allows you to draw pictures on the screen, similar to "Paint"?

    This isn't a new idea (Umair Aamir, March 14, 2011) and at first sight seems just something extra to kill the time with. Combining Flex-Paint with a Cirrus powered random chat, maybe, just needs to be polished. After trying the drawing-roulette, new ideas started to pop out my head. This whole thing could actually work if it was made a little different. At the moment, some partners will stop and watch, what the hell are you drawing there and it will attract attention; the idea works! However, it could be much more interesting.

    Here is my idea: instead of drawing on the screen to attract some watchers, I would rather draw and let my partner save/print /send/like- and share to facebook/etc. my drawing. What for? Imagine hundreds of kids, sitting in front of their computer during an on-line drawing contest. What you think? ; )

    After a quick search, I found a simple script that does nothing else but drawing in Flash: Flex Paint for Flash Builder. We will try to write a module for SVC-SR, based on- and similar to the above, just have to figure out how to send the data - live - to the partner's screen via RTMFP. Will keep you updated ; )

  • update 09/28 4:41

    Here is the working random video chat demo, combined with on-screen drawing.

    • you may need to log-in with Facebook, as a protection measure against nudity
    • none of your data is saved and the database is deleted, 2 minutes after you leave


  • Here is a chat roulette like software demo: http://demo.videosoftware.pro/svc/layouts/crc/VideoChat.html

    *based on the above and the SVC 0.8 libs and mod by Flexer. Thank you!

  • Familiar … :)))

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