Red5-Stratus connection

  • HI can you please tell how many people for simultaneous connections i can get by using the Stratus, and how many I can get for using Red5.


  • I don't know if there is any limit, as far as we tested, as many as you can get, 1000+ for sure. With Stratus, you can connect one person to up to 8 people at the same time, but this is not the case here, since you are connected to one person at a given time.

  • No it's not exactly what I meant. No one need connect with 8 people at the same time or more.

    What I meant was, let say you have 500 people online on your website, that' mean 500 simultaneous connection is going on. Now with stratus or red5, Can they achieve this 500 connection happening at a given time?

    If you go to there on top of the screen on the right side says 13.500 or more "Online users"

  • If you have 1000 users online, more than likely you will have around 300 to <500 connected to each other. In other words 1000 online users will create up to 500 connection (more likely less).

    Red5: I can confirm connecting over 1000 users with Red5 last year with RVC 4. and also have unverified feedback with numbers greater than 1000 (Red5).

    Cirrus: in July, this year, we had 30 million hits in less than a week on facebook with RVC 5 ( This could be around 5000 users/minute, maybe more. The software was doing OK, the SQL server wasn't. This is why we decided to leave some features offered by RVC and switched to SVC.

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