H.264/AVC software encoding for SVC

  • Adobe Flash Player 11 brings several new features as:

    • 2D/3D GPU hardware accelerated graphics rendering
    • native 64-bit support for 64-bit web browsers on Linux®, Mac OS, and Windows®
    • H.264/AVC software encoding for high-quality real-time communications
    • Flash Access content protection support on Android devices
    • protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
    • key rotation support, V3 license chaining, domain support, enhanced output protection, and device filtering features via Adobe Flash Access®
    • cryptographically secure random number generation to build more secure algorithms and protocols
    • TLS Secure Sockets support
    • G.711 audio compression for interoperability with legacy phone systems via the Flash Media Gateway (FMG)
    • Cubic Bezier curves
    • enhanced high-resolution bitmap support and asynchronous bitmap decoding
    • high-performance native parsing and generation of JSON-formatted data
    • garbage collection advice with GC advice API
    • socket progress events APIs allow apps to easily track progress and provide feedback
    • support for the JPEG-XR advanced image compression with alpha channel transparency
    • high-efficiency SWF compression support to reduce SWF file sizes by up to 40%
    • new removeChildren API allowing developers to quickly remove all of a container’s children using a single API call
    • new MovieClip.isPlaying property, which returns the MovieClip's current playing state
    • as a first step, we will take a deeper look into the new H.264/AVC software encoding and high-efficiency SWF compression to include these performance-related features into the SVC core. Second step will be a review of SVC to see if the core can benefit in any way from the new JSON support.

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