Enable HTTPS for facebook application, FREE

    • go to the Social Server facebook portal https://www.facebook.com/SocialServer?sk=app_129405620492063
    • scroll down, select "Create a Free Account", fill in your data and press "Register"; after registration log in, using the "Login" tab
    • under "Adapt a new Facebook Page Tab", enter your Canvas URL than press the green checkmark
    • under "My Adapted Facebook Page Tab(s)" a new tab will be created, showing your Original URL and the newly created Secure URL
    • copy the Secure URL to "Secure Canvas URL" on facebook developers and save your app settings
    • set your app's width (ex. 760px) and height and you are done; you can access your app via HTTPS

    here is the working HTTPS url for the facebook video chat: https://apps.facebook.com/video-call/

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