SVC-SR - Something is missing here….

  • Hello, I purchased the SVC-SR with updates package today. I managed

    to get it installed on my test server, however it seems there are some
    documented issues with the included VideoChat.swf file. I downloaded
    and installed the older version from your forum, and while the
    software does seem to connect, it is nothing like the advertised
    demo. My main interest was using the drawing feature, along with
    usernames for the chat functions. However I find no way to have a
    user "register" and there are no customizable modules of any kind that
    I can see in this download package. Maybe I am missing something.

    Please forward any needed modules and config files that are needed to
    bring this software package to be what is demonstrated by your examples.


  • Download the latest 0.7.1 version, that will fix the connection issues. The graph will be included in the next version, the developer who created the SVC core libraries is working on a bug-fix to pass the data correctly to the chat partner.

    You can start adding the drawing area to the existing SVC MXML component, but will not work as expected:

    in VideoChat.xml find (php=mxml):

    ```and replace with:

    <svc:drawingarea id="drawingArea" stylename="drawingArea"></svc:drawingarea>

    in VideoChat.xml find:
    and replace with:
    in /core/util/ find:

    public static var SKIN_STYLE :String = "plain";

    public static var SKIN_STYLE :String = "crc";

    optional, creating the "drawingArea" style:
    > /* CSS file */
    > @namespace s "library://"
    > @namespace mx "library://"
    > .drawingArea { top: 132; right: 24; width: 377; height: 355;}
    you also need to add a new new ActionScript Class, called "DrawingArea"

    package components.SingleRandom

  • It should work with 0.71 since the final draw libraries are included, they were not released until tested but they are there… 0.8 should be released in a few days, probably this new layout will be included as well:

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