Problem with install

  • hi everything nearly working, but not quite

    i manually added the database table
    video is onesided

    not sure what im missing.

    it almost works on my android phone as well (but black box for my video) is this potentially likely to work in the future as would be cool

  • Your settings are missing (language locales are not loaded), make sure SVC has access to config.xml. If you are using an older version, upgrade to 0.7.1 or later.

  • Actually, nothing is loaded (styles, language, config, …). The rest is OK database seems to work. SVC has no access to config.xml, this could be a server-side issue (file rights) or more than likely you are using version 0.7 or earlier.

  • Same issue with latest version. @Daniel you are using nginx as web server perhaps?
    Im having same issue not tested this on apache yet

  • I had similar issue when the SVC was inside a folder, on cPanel server, don't remember the web server. The problem is the swf application does not see the /svc/config/config.xml file

  • In earlier versions, there was a built-in link to connect to free resource -for testing- in case the config.xml is not found, it was removed. Anyway, didn't work on most servers being a huge security issue.

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