RVC embedded in facebook, and other questions

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm not a developer, nor am I code-savvy…however, as a producer's assistant, I'm doing some research:

    We're looking for:

    • Live-streaming embeddable on facebook

    • Incorporation of multiple streams from various locations

    Let's say our content hinges on live user-submitted video. It's not really possible to do this with the available providers (ooyala, brightcove, etc) as they don't support multiple source encoding and/or live viewer-submitted content.

    I thought of the chatroulette code. If we stream from one window, is it possible to activate only "one side" of the roulette? Does any of this make sense only to me? Haha.

  • Yes, with SVC core, that is not released yet, you can contact them and buy for around $1500

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