SVC-SR general questions

  • Hi.
    i'm going to buy your SVC-SR script and have some questions:
    1. Is it peer-2-peer technology in SVC-SR?
    2. Do i need extra hardware to run SVC-SR or it can works on simple shared hosting?
    3. I cant find a license agreement. Can i use this soft on just one domain name? and if yes, can i transfer this soft to another domain name in future?
    4. Do you have admin panel of your script? Demo?

  • Hello,
    1. yes p2p over RTMFP (Cirrus)
    2. a shared hosting is fine (further more if you run the php/or other -web service somewhere else, even PHP support can be omitted)
    3. you can use it on as many domains as you wish (the license comes within the package) you can transfer/sell the ready-made website(s). The only thing you cannot sell/transfer is the source code or sell the software as your own product.
    4. no admin panel is needed, everything automatic. most people look for watching users for moderation, that is not possible due Cirrus limitations (also think about the bandwidth it would use). the rest does not need admin, a new way of banning, using a possible public database is on its way

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