Unable to connect two users when firewalls are ON

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    I have successfully installed SVC SR,. I am not sure it is connecting to cirrus or not. But when two users login from different locations they can connect to each other and see each other video and also can have voice/text chat, simply saying they can have video chat.. but only when both have turn OFF firewalls on their computers.
    With ON firewalls users can not see each other and can't chat voice/text, only they can see their own video, but there is a message below that they are connected.

    Is'nt SVC SR connecting to cirrus using RTMFP ? If yes then why it is not by passing firewalls.

    The package i am using is svc_videochat-sr.0.7.1.

    I need help on it. It is very urgent.


  • All SVC-based chats are using Cirrus (p2p RTMFP connection), your firewall is blocking peer-to-peer connections, add a rule to override firewall block. The other solution would be RTMP, using a media server, similar to RVC video chat when set to use Red5. This function will be included very soon, however opting for RTMP will require large bandwidth usage.

  • Thanks

    Where can we override firewalls? It is somewhere in SVC SR source ? Or we have to do it in some other way ? We are planning to develop a plugin in .Net which will add exceptions for firewalls by pass, but every user will have to install the plugin before they can use our video chat service.
    Please suggest on this, how can we do this?


  • You cannot override firewall using a flash software… the solution is RTMP (send data trough a media server) but as I already mentioned, bandwidth usage will be very high.

  • the issue is not the software but the peer-to-peer connection between the users on different networks, there is no way to override it via FP.

  • hmm Ok. Can we use RTMFPTURNProxy ? ans TURN PROXY be set through action script, so that connection is made through proxy server instead of RTMFP automaticly, without making any changes manually?

  • Please get back if you have any success with that. At the moment working on something and cannot even concentrate on the issue; all attempts to bypass a firewall failed for me and others I've talked before …

  • OK. Thanks for your help. I am trying for a plugin that users will install on their machines, and it will add exception to their firewalls for UDP port. But it is a long range of ports, i am trying for some better solution.
    You also please let me know if you find any better idea on firewalls/NAT issue with RTMFP.


    One more thing is that i want to have full source of libraries provided in SVC SR, so that i can at least fix a range of ports where RTMFP can communicate instead of have a so large range of ports.

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