Possible issues when installing SVC (SR 0.7)

    • software does not start (unresponsive)
      possible cause: you are running on Android tablet/phone and the camera check is not implemented for this OS (will be included after version 0.8)
      solution: turn off camera check for testing only, camera/sound won't work
    • software starts but does not connect AND texts are missing (buttons empty)
      possible cause: config.xml is not readable by the application
      solution: check the file permissions and rights with your system admin
      • some users reported the same issues on ngix
      • moving the chat to the root folder from a directory may help (move the software from yourdomain.com/chat to yourdomain.com)
    • software starts but does not connect while texts are OK
      possible cause: config.php is not configured
      solution: create the MySQL database and fill the database details in config.php or connect to a remote web service trough config.xml
    • software starts and connects but nobody found assuming that you're testing from two browsers and they should connect
      possible cause: config.php and MySQL is ok but the SQL tables are missing
      solution: import SVC MySQL structure into your database or run install.php

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