Looking for someone who would find this project interesting.

  • Hello, I have an idea for a cam service that I think could be very popular. It involves a chatroullete type service where users can "tip" each other. The novelty of the website will be exactly what (currency) the users will be tipping with. I do not want to give specific details publicly.

    I assume this would be pretty easy to do with a few tweaks with the current software? Payments will be done with public-key cryptography and virtual wallets.

    All I need is a willing individual to tweak the videosoftware here to allow for payments. Ideally, there would be a simple button that any user can press to send a micropayment.

    Everything related to the payment system is completed. To see sample visit: https://github.com/ianpurton/StrongCoin.com-Payments-API-Example/blob/master/strongcoin-payments.php

    If you are interested please email me at chsados @T gmail as I dont expect a quick response and likely won't check back here in the future.

    I am willing to pay and/or partner up if you like the idea. I look forward to discussing the possibilities.

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