RVCS 0.3 IE Crash

  • I have tried your demo, setup the scripts as per your guide.

    I have tried from multiple systems now, XP SP3 IE 8, Win server 2003 and 2008 IE 8 and 9, Vista IE 8 and 9, Win7 IE 9.

    All browsers crash after a few moments of clicking Start. it changes to Seaching and it is fine as long as no other connections are present but when I load in a second browser and click start it changes to searching then both browsers crash. I thought this was isolated but it appears not as this occurs on now some 10 different systems I have tried it on some with nothing other than the OS build, and flash installed. I have not tried with any other browsers simply do not have the time but if it doesnt work with IE then the software is of no use to me or anybody else for that matter.

    On a side not I purchased the 3 packages together which shows that updates are included however I have no details of how and where to obtain any such updates when they become available, how does that work?

  • It is possible to experience FP crashes -sometimes but rarely- with RVCS (this one may have some unexplored bugs). However, I never experienced crash with RVC nor SVC, the first one was tested for over 1 year, the second one rarely has any issues. It may be something else… I don't have IE but my guess is a javascript error.

    For example, if you delete sounds from the media directory the software will generate javascript errors, these errors are visible with IE. Include or PM a link...

    Here is the place to check for updates and new features: http://twitter.com/govido
    And, I guess the updates are downloaded from the same link you received with purchase, at least the new ones (SVC). Don't download before checking if there is new version, the links expire after a certain number of downloads.

  • Send a link pls… will take a look

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