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  • HI,

    I just purchased svc sr and went to the installation page as stated in the read me and the files are different from your installation instructions. There is also no explanation on where the half a dozen different templates are available from such as the one with the drawing feature. I am I missing something here?

    • the skins are under the /style directory and can be turned on by editing the VideoChat.mxml (and
     <s:application xmlns:fx="" xmlns:s="library://" xmlns:mx="library://" xmlns:svc="components.SingleRandom.*" backgroundalpha="0" width="760" height="550"><fx:metadata>[ResourceBundle("i18n")]</fx:metadata> 
    	 <fx:style source="style/common/css/style.css"><fx:style source="style/plain/css/style.css"><svc:singlerandom></svc:singlerandom></fx:style></fx:style></s:application> 
    ```- set style to "draw" (you may need to set style in as well)
    - set layout to "draw"
    - recompile

  • Interesting that you ban people rather than answer their question.

  • It is a spam prevention robot called Akismet and the ban is instant/automatic. The most likely reason why you got banned could be that you used your e-mail address to post spam-like content (ex. links) to different forums. This happens when you're trying to advertise your website/service and your data is saved in Akismet's database.

  • what is the unanswered question?

  • Govido, you offer support by forum only and if Akismet is banning your paying customers then all I can say is good luck with that.

    Video Chat, I think the first question was "I just purchased svc sr and went to the installation page as stated in the read me and the files are different from your installation instructions”.

  • Ok, what is the software you use? RVC or SVC and let me take a look.

  • SVC SR.0.8.141

  • true, the folder structure has changed as we're getting closer to 1.0
    follow the instructions here:

    • all you need is in the archive, just upload everything to your web server
    • the files are located under the /svc folder
    • the config under /svc/config
    • the xml (config.xml) should work as it is, but if you edit it and include your link that won't harm
    • set details in config.php

    please get back if you need any help

  • I followed the instruction on day one and while everything loads the next button shows nothing and subsequently I can only view my own video.

    I noticed the VideoChat.swf 135 KB file does not appear to function if I attempt to load it directly from my computer and I am wondering if this is normal. Flash launches but shows nothing. I assume the data base has to be populated with some structure but don’t see any information on it. I also assume I can run this script in any subfolder providing I make the appropriate changes in the config.php and config.xml files?

  • If the flash loads and the buttons don't have any texts, means the javascript loads fine but the xml config doesn't. The config.mxml tells the flash application te locale (language) to be used. Check if /svc/condig/config.xml is on your server (or send your link).
    After the xml loads, it will load the web service (local or remote), by default the local service that can be configured via config.php. Anyway, until you see no texts on the NEXT button, your config.mxml is not loaded and the software cannot load the web service.

    The swf movie will not work on your computer unless you set up an environment that handles the database or connect it to a remote service, this can be complicated and does not make much sense if you don't plan to further develop SVC. There is a desktop application that does run on local devices, at the moment Android OS.

    If you have a file called install.php (and create.sql) just run it on your web server. If the config.php (database details) is correctly configured, it will install the structure. You may also import this structure directly to your database, using phpMyAdmin:

    Please get back if you couldn't figure out the solution or send an e-mail to sales, containing this post. You'll be asked for cPanel access or FTP/database details.

  • I edited config.php and config.xml with the details as per your instructions. I ran a query in phpmyadmin and successfully installed the table. I don’t get a next button and all I see is my own video.

    As a matter of interest, I installed the script again on a completely different server without using a subfolder and the next button loads however it fails to connects when I open up a second browser. It says connected as unknown looking for a partner.

    With a subfolder on server 1


    Without a subfolder on server 2


  • Please send FTP details and domain name to sales and mention this post, I'll take a look..

  • Sent the information via your contact form assuming that is Sales. Your form had an error (JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with id: 42) so I dont know if you got my info.

  • Hey, no message received. PM sent with email address.

  • Sent again to email provided.

  • Did you not receive my email?

  • Enough is enough. I purchased this script 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting for you to tell me why it does not work. Repeated emails and posts to your forum have been ignored and leaving your non working script sitting in the root directory for you to test has messed up my Google listing. If you are unable to provide a working script then just say so and I will take my business elsewhere.

  • Bradley, all emails and most posts are answered. Is this issue closed yet?

  • Bradley, no e-mail -or other message- was sent to me regarding this post. Did you -or someone else- fix the problem?

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