SVC-SR Purchase

  • Hey, no message received. PM sent with email address.

  • Sent again to email provided.

  • Did you not receive my email?

  • Enough is enough. I purchased this script 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting for you to tell me why it does not work. Repeated emails and posts to your forum have been ignored and leaving your non working script sitting in the root directory for you to test has messed up my Google listing. If you are unable to provide a working script then just say so and I will take my business elsewhere.

  • Bradley, all emails and most posts are answered. Is this issue closed yet?

  • Bradley, no e-mail -or other message- was sent to me regarding this post. Did you -or someone else- fix the problem?

  • @'Govido':

    Bradley, no e-mail -or other message- was sent to me regarding this post. Did you -or someone else- fix the problem?

    So let me get this right. You sell a script that has incomplete installation instructions, that subsequently does not work anyway. You ban your customer when he asks why. You don’t answer his question. You ask for information to be sent to a phantom sales contact and your only public contact form is incorrectly installed and displays errors.

    I would think that after 3 weeks of achieving nothing, blind Freddy would give you and your software a big fail….

  • Just to point you in the right direction, blind Freddy:

    • the software was downloaded and successfully installed by over 1000 users and developers
    • if your email address is banned just because you have a record as a spammer in a public database, that may not be our fault
    • you may be right about the e-mail, however it is still strange that we receive and respond dozens of messages daily, but yours

    I am trying to help you, what is impossible without having your FTP access and domain name. PM sent again, try to send e-mail from somewhere else if your address does not deliver to us (?). You may also use this link to make sure your email gets delivered:

  • Has anything improved with this software over the last year or so? I never did get it to work as missing files and poor instructions do not make for a very good experience.

  • Hello, please let me know what you mean by missing files. I may be able to help, installation usually takes a few minutes and -except rare cases- the software works without any problem.

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