Installation FAIL

  • I have experience in installing LAMP script or similar,
    I created the table "registration" with the sql code you suggested.
    Still the website doesn't work. I already waited 2 weeks since bought the script.
    Money back?

  • What is your URL?

  • Hey thanks Govido,
    I sent you a pm with the link.
    I mean it's a quite easy installation.
    1. create the table in the db through the sql code
    2. upload the files
    3. configure the file "config.php" with the db setting
    4. configure the "config.xml" with the exact url for configuration.php and registration.php, which in this package are located inside the folder ../services/
    Maybe somethikng wrong with the package version?

  • Hey, please read trough the comments of this post, Sharkman has similar problem. Just created a fresh installation on a cPanel server for testing:

  • svc_videochat-sr.0.8.141 was used as downloaded from the sales interface

  • …/svc/services/configuration.php seems OK
    .../svc/services/registration.php seems OK

    • meaning config.php (database access) is configured properly

    Possible issues left:
    1. database tables missing/not properly created - drop all tables and use the installer script:

    2. config.xml misconfigured or not properly saved. My browser(s) load your config.xml in a different way than the original one, try using the original config.xml, see my sample (replace the XXXXXXX) and save it with a code editor (ex. Komodo, EditPlus or similar) or an online code editor (ex. cPanel's File Manager/Code Editor):


    3. config.xml not accessible - there is a rare possibility that your VideoChat.swf application is not allowed to access config.xml. This is a server setting and should be addressed by your server admin. Use a different server to test if this is the case, I am able to create one, similar to Sharkman's test account.

  • Govido I read the solution to the bug that you suggested, and it seems reasonable.
    However, it implies the use of a static IP which the majority of people don't have because of its cost.
    the ip of a shared hosting is dynamic, so even configuring the config.xml with the ip will work only until the next session.
    Please, correct me if I am wrong

  • There is nothing to do with the IP address, it is just a link I posted without having a domain name. Instead of the IP address, you should use your own domain; if you read further, there is a sample with the domain

  • Hi,
    I spent the weekend trying all the changes suggested.

    1 create, re-create, and populate the db
    2 editing the original config.xml using the online editor
    3 tried to use in the url /~username/svc/services/registration.php
    4 tried to use in the url svc/services/registration.php withouth username
    5 gave executive permission to the VideoChat.swf and config.xml (7 4 4)

    Nothing changed, any clue?

  • This is getting frustrating and time-consuming. Send me your FTP details in a PM, I will take a look if there is anything missing or misconfigured. On the other hand if you copy all the files from the demo account I created it should work as it works on the test server. Anyway, waiting for your PM. Thanks!

  • Thanks a lot Govido,
    which demo account? Where do you create it?

  • Sorry, I confused two similar forum posts. Do you need a demo account?

  • Govido,
    I pm the ftp details,

  • Hello, I did install the latest package on your server and used a special config.xml for remotely connect to my own web service and database. Here is a screenshot (, the software works on your server.

    I did re-configure the xml file to use your own web service. As soon as you edit config.php and insert your own database details, this service should start without problem. If the SVC did connect to my web service, it means it does read from config.xml and the rest is pure PHP/MySQL.

    Don't forget to check if the database is configured properly, by accessing http://ran****.com/svc/services/registration.php and if so, please run the installer script to create your database tables:

  • Ok, so I replaced the config.php file with mine, which includes the db connection fields.

    I ran the install.php and it did not work.
    "Query is invalid or cannot be executed: You have an error in your SQL syntax"

    I ran the sql code manually on my phpmyadmin and successfully created the two tables.

    I am sure that the fields that my config.php uses for connection to the db are right. I tested them through another script

    STILL does not connect. Do you want me to pm you the db details?

    Thanks for your help

    Forgot to say, you can use the fields for db connections from config.php
    in the testsql.php
    As you will see the db is connected

  • No, if you still have the same FTP access, you created for me, just leave config.php as it is (configured to access your db) and I'll take a look.

  • @'Govido':

    No, if you still have the same FTP access, you created for me, just leave config.php as it is (configured to access your db) and I'll take a look.

    ok I renamed the old config.php "oldconfig" and created a new one "config.php"
    both of them are correct and succesfully connect to two different db (i did for testing).

  • It does not work. Anyway, go ahead with your project, edit the software, make your changes to your site. With SVC you don't need local web service, it can be anywhere on the web. I created a special xml file that connects to a remote server, use this connection for a few days until I give it a try again. This web service is also ready for upcoming 0.9 and 1.0 versions -if you plan to download them as they become available- and it should not affect your project in any way. After we figure out the issue, you just rename config.local.xml to config.xml and switch back to local database.

    The strangest thing: if I move this web service to any other domain ex., it does not work with your site/server. I also tried with and IP-address and no luck. Well this is strange enough to give up and have a sleep before trying it again.

  • Gotcha, thank you.
    It is very weird indeed. Besides pointing to registration.php on the new url "", is the config.xml using an external db or my own db?

    Also, how can i activate the facebook login? For what I read on your website, svc is modular, but it is not explained
    1 which modules include
    2 how activate them

    Forgot to say something helpuful to understand the problem with SVC, on the same url I installed RVC and it worked perfectly, see home/rvc.

  • Your website is using a remote web service, with remote database. The facebook login is explained somewhere on this forum by Video Chat, you will need some php/javascript knowledge in order to use it. This feature was developed for the facebook video call app and that source code is not released. A working sample, including the source code may arrive with version 1.0 but my guess is that will never be included. Much rather a comprehensive description with downloadable (working) sample on this forum.

    Meanwhile it is possible to copy the whole technology by viewing the source code of the demo sites, both HTML and .js sources. The php code, you need can be found here:

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