Installation FAIL

  • It says "not connected", I guess you can even see if you go to my website…

  • Yes, if you loaded the above-mentioned SQL structure to your database and the script does not connect means, the Flash application does not have access to your local web service (the php files). This is not a software issue but a server-security setting. Please contact your server admin or relocate the web service to any server with PHP/MySQL support.

  • Well, this can be an issue, since my hosting is with hostgator, which is one of the most popular hosting and you may have the same problem with many of your customers.
    Sometime ago you said you solved the problem with crossdomain.xml?
    Which file is trying to access which file?
    E.g., videochat.swf -> config.php

  • VideoChat.swf should have read access to configuration.php and registration.php

  • Hi Govido, thanks for your help.
    I solved the problem and I hope that this post can help people.
    I contacted the support for hostgator and the script was striking their extensive mod_security rules.
    They whitelisted the mod_security rules and the script now works.
    On a side note, the problem is that hostgator doesn't allow videochat for shared accounts. That means you need to move to a VPS or dedicated server.
    I think would be helpful to know if bluehost allows videochat on shared servers….cause the price for a VPS is very expensive

  • Bassfly, thank you for the notice. This will help others, having the same issue. Do you thing it is possible to ask what exactly did they change in your local php.ini or .htaccess file to override the default mod_security setting? I mean what was the parameter that needed to be changed?
    You don't need to switch to other server in such case, just move the web-service on any PHP/MySQL -ready server. An Amazon S3 - Simple Storage Service should do it and may be the best option.

  • Hey Govido,
    I asked them, but the guy I was talking with didn't want to tell me for security reason.
    I asked him to check for error in the apache and php error handler and he solved the situation.
    They were very fast and supportive in fixing the issue.
    On a side note again, I think I will ask for refund from hostgator and go with cirtexhosting, since they allow videochat script (e.g., SVC or RVC) to run on their server with a basic account.
    I think it would be interesting for the next release to figure out why SVC gives security problem and RVC doesn't on hostgator.
    BTW, what do you mean to move the webservice somewhere else? Do you mean using a db hosted on another server?

  • Yes, I mean the Flash application will run without problem and the web service can be placed anywhere on the www. You don't even need a second domain, just use a subdomain and point the A record to a different server (IP) or simply use the IP address if the Apache mod_userdir Tweak is disabled on the remote server.

    Apache mod_userdir Tweak
    Disabling this option allows users to access their sites using a tilde (~), username, and hostname (e.g.

    *most servers disallow this to prevent users from bypassing bandwidth limits but the subdomain, pointed to a different server will do the job.

  • I am getting "not connected" and thats because I don't have services/configuration.php and services/registration.php. Where is the code for these files?

  • there should be in your package if you purchased the script. however, SVC should work without config, configuration is optional

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