Versions 3.2 and 3.3

  • Hello,
    didn't find new versions' descriptions. Could you please tell me, what have you added there? :huh:

  • Found this on Twitter - CRC 3.2 is out with Blank screen Ads. Now ready for Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4.
    What is Blank screen Ads?

  • If you upload any .SWF into the /jabbercam/media/video/blankscreen folder the video will show up at the Partner window when you are idle or your partner does not have the camera turned on. This space can be used for placing video Ads or any other promotional/entertainment videos. If you upload more than one video, the files will be used on a random basis. It is recommended to use 320*240 size SWF but it is not a must.

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