Getting 'Not Connected' on latest SVC version

  • Dear GoVido / Video Chat,

    I purchased and installed the latest version of SVC on my site on Saturday (14th April) with the 'local' setting - but all I'm getting currently is 'Connecting…' followed by 'Not Connected' from the page -

    I've been doing my best to read through the forums but am not finding it easy to find the solution - can you help me?

    The DB tables are loaded in and I believe I've configured config.php and config.xml correctly.

    My site is hosted on which has full PHP and MySQL support. Video Chat is called from /roulette.php but the supporting files are all located in /svc/

    Not sure if its relevant but when I go to the page simply shows 'false' and when I goto I get 'Unhandled action type [] false'

    The software looks great and I'm sure we'll get it to work here, but I've found it quite frustrating that so few instructions are included with my purchase!

    Can send you FTP details if it would help.



  • Hello Cristian,

    • did you try with the "remote" setting, does SVC connect to a web-service?
    • also, try this config.xml:
    ```* the "local" value will use your own database (as configured in config.php), the "remote" will attempt a connection to a public database.
    If you are using a public database make sure, your users are filtered. Use a login form or facebook login similar to [](, there are several posts and PHP samples on this forum on how to pass facebook user values and/or other user data to SVC.

  • Thanks a lot for your reply Video Chat.

    I changed from local to remote and yes it does connect me to others fine!

    And I updated my config.xml to the one you've posted above and it now says 'connected' and searches for others using the local setting - so definite progress on before when I was getting 'not connected'! - unfortunately though it doesn't seem to connect me to anyone also using my webpage on other computers (I have tested it with friends).

    If you could suggest some more things I could try to get this working I would be very grateful!


  • Yes, in this case the database tables are missing:

  • Loading that sql file for 0.9 into Phpmyadmin has made it work, thank you!!

  • Hi! I've just bught the SVC. I uploaded it on my server, changed config.php, installed, changed in config.xml "remote" to "local" and i can't connect into chat. I uploaded create.sql by phpadmin and still nothing. What I have to do? Tried version 0.9 of sql file and still nothing.

  • Does it work with "remote" setting?

  • I got as far as testing "remote" which worked, adding Db settings to config file and importing the .sql file but still says "not connected"

  • set "local" instead of "remote" in config.xml

  • I changed my config.xml to local, so now I have it pointed at my config.php (which contains my DB credentials), but I don't know where the code for registration.php is. I plan to direct my users to the chat interface through custom code, but for the time being I just want to ensure that I have the connection setup correctly. It still says that it is not connected though. Please help!

  • /svc/services/ or /svs/webservice/ -registration.php

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