Passing connected username from flash back to Javascript

  • GoVido / Video Chat,

    I'm currently integrating SVC into my website. I've got it to pass the username of the currently logged in user (from my vbulletin forum) to SVC, using the instructions on this forum, and users are now connected using the login names from my site - GREAT.

    What i'd like to do now is have certain profile details of the "other" user, i.e. from the user one is connected to, display next to SVC when they are connected…so someone using the site can see information about the user they are connected.

    All I need is the username of the "other" user (that displays in SVC now), out of flash and into my page (javascript/php whatever) - I can then easily look their details up in my database...

    If you could give me any help I would be very grateful!


  • GoVideo / Video Chat,

    Apologies if I was not clear in describing what I'm trying to do here, does it make sense?

    I want to get the username of the user I'm connected to into a variable in php or javascript (from flash), so I can then use it to look up details about that user and display them… any idea?

    Thank you!

  • Hey, this is much easier to handle via php. Just query the database and see, who is connecte to your own ID, you will have the other user's full profile in XML format. To keep this info updated, refresh it every N seconds and change the values only when the partner ID is changed.

  • Video Chat - again thank you for your help - I've implemented this and it works like a charm!

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