Where to host it and the transmision is per-2-per?

  • I normally use hostgator for hosting but they don´t accept this script, so, which hosting do you recomend for it? There is anyone that is cheap?

    Anyone has expirience with Amazon Simple Storage? How much it cost monthly and how many users did you had in that month?

    Also the video transmision is done per-2-per or is done thought the hosting (I´m mean if I have many user I will need a very big hosting or the transmision is done per–2-per so the hosting usage won´t be so big?)

  • Amazon S3 is good and not expensive, I did use it before. The bandwidth does not go trough your server, it is peer-to-peer (between the users via internet, directly).

  • I know that insted of hosting all the site in Amazon S3 I can host only the files that use Flash Media Server (that are the ones ban in hostgator) and keep the rest of the site in Hostgator. Please can you tell me which are those files and if I have to any changes to the files that are keep on hostgator?

  • these folders are needed to run the web service:

    and the MySQL database

    when these are up and running, just edit your config.xml and point it to your web service hosted at Amazon S3:


  • MySQL database can be host in Amazon S3?

  • Yes

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