Admin sees the videos from backend

  • I think that a good new funcion will be that the admin could see the videos from backend, and that way he could report porn content in a more efficent way than users (many users when see porn content just press the next button and not report it, so the porn content is there for other users to see it)

    I understand that the admin can´t see 100 videos simultaneously (because of a bandwidth problem)but he can see very little seconds of one video and in that seconds he can see if it porn content or not, and have 2 buttons "Report" and "Next". If there is Porn content he report it and ban the user, if it is normal content just click on next and see the next video, most users that show porn content show porn content all the time so little seconds will be enough to see if the user is showing porn content or not. I know this funcion is not on the script, I´m describing it because perhpas you can add it in next versions

    It can be done?

  • SVC is capable to save a screenshot when you confirm to report someone. This could be added as soon as I have access to save thousands of images and work with them. My guess, a local folder may be included with 1.x.

  • And when it will be ready?

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