Ban by Id and by IP?

  • I can configurate the config.php to ban both by Ip and ID?

    I think it is usful because if the user has dynamic ip he just turn on/off his modem and has a new ip (so ip ban is not usefull) and if the user change his id the ip ban is not usfull, so I think use both it will be more effective, it can be done?

  • No, and you don't need to. The software is saving both values and you select the one, you think is more suitable for instant banning (that should last from 15 minutes to 24 hours). The rest, a more sophisticated filtering should be done with an external script that is collecting more detailed info. The method is up to you, you can combine user ID with facebook ID and IP address or daily bans received with weekly/overall. This can be very specific based on the site you have, therefore we newer wanted to provide a turnkey filter. SVC saves all you need and reads anything you wist to pass into it as a value for "this user is banned".

  • And how I configurate this instant banning? Because now when a user gets reports he is not ban, he just get his video image scumble (blurry)?

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