Need some education. Random Chat/Red5

  • Good day all.

    I am not certain which of the topics this should be in since it touches on many topics. I am trying to learn more of the technical aspects of implementing random video chat on my server and would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has been doing this.

    My techs are currently installing the Red5 package on my server but I have questions regarding Red5 ( some already posted in their forum ) but more about RVC and how it interacts with Red5 as it relates to RAM usage and server loading. I have about 150 other sites running and don't want anything that hogs all the resources even though none of those other sites are particularly busy sites.

    First am I correct in my understanding that the actual video traffic is peer to peer and does not pass through or consume my bandwidth?

    Is the Red5 only providing the Flash support for the actual RVC software for the purposes on managing these P2P connections?

    I have seen various comments about RAM including concerns from my server tech who did not fully understand that I would not actually be streaming video from my server. He worried that my 8GB would not be enough. Most commercial hosts selling Red5 offer far less than that.

    My goal is ad revenue of course so the more users the better. I understand that takes time but if I hit 30,000 users at once how does this impact server and bandwidth?

    I have a new quad core CPU with 8GB Ram and a big pipe to the internet. I pre-pay for a lot of bandwidth but not an unlimited amount. 3x1/2 TB drives two raid one backup.

    Any help learning how these work with each other, how much RAM is necessary and any information about server load and bandwidth is most appreciated.

    I want to understand what I am getting into with this!

    Thanks ! ;)

  • The communication between the peers is p2p only when using RTMFP (Cirrus in this case) with RTMP (Red5) you will use your Media Server to stream multimedia and that will cause you a high server bandwidth. There are several estimations on this forum, around 4-6TB/500-1000 online users per month.

    I am not familiar with Red5 memory usage.

    Don't go with Red5 if you plan 1000+ users, here is my advice: Start your chat with either Red5 or Cirrus and as soon as you hit 100 online users, you will see what is best for you. Later you can use a combined method, connecting users with Red5 and use Cirrus or AFMS for communication (p2p RTMFP). This solution is not included in the software but as soon as you have the traffic, a programmer will help you getting it done, not a complex issue. The reason why is not included, most people don't need it. Probably you won't need it either, you will choose Cirrus and/or AFMS to save bandwidth.

  • 8GB will be more than enough for 1000+ users online, we tested with 1000+ with 2-4GB. If Red5 is configured properly and running fine, memory is not an issue. Don't ask me how to configure Red5 properly, since we gave up after two months and went with a professional provider for a monthly fee. That was 0.8 things could change since. Go with Cirrus if you wish to save bandwidth. Also read "First impressions with SVC on facebook" here if you are concerned about server load:

  • Thanks for that. I installed Red5 prior to having enough research but can remove or disable Red5 if it is not necessary for operation of chat.

    As for Cirrus I find the Adobe site very confusing to find anything. I would like to use Cirrus and have a developer key but I cannot find any instructions or source to download Cirrus files to install.

    Any clue where I can learn how to install Cirrus and get it connected to the RVC 8?

  • You don't need to install Cirrus, it is a free service. Just insert your developer key in the configuration file (config.php) and you're done.

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