How to choose a theme?

  • How I choose to use a different theme in SVC?

  • Load svc.fxp into Adobe Flash Builder (4.0+) and open VideoChat.mxml

     <s:application xmlns:fx="" xmlns:s="library://" xmlns:mx="library://" xmlns:svc="components.SingleRandom.*" backgroundalpha="0" width="760" height="550"><fx:metadata>[ResourceBundle("i18n")]</fx:metadata> 
    	 <fx:style source="style/common/css/style.css"><fx:style source="style/plain/css/style.css"><svc:singlerandom></svc:singlerandom></fx:style></fx:style></s:application> 
    ```- here you can set the style, section and the layout, section.
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  • THanks :)

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