Problem with installing v5.9

  • Hi guys,

    i am trying to get v5.9 up and running but i'm facing some problems.
    I uploaded all files and my config looks as follows (only the important parts):

    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "http://www.*domain*.com/jabbercam/functions.php";
    $SERVER_TYPE = 'Stratus';
    $DEVELOPER_KEY = "52dffa040ac040da4e3290bc-a823cff0sd9csefs"; // not actual key but you get the point

    The database functions correctly and the output of the admin.php test run is:

    database tables OK
    Red5 OFF
    Stratus OK
    System folder OK

    However when opening the web page there are some defects, namely:

    • text is missing from several drop-down menus in the options (i didn't edit the language files)
    • the buzz bar isn't visible
    • when pressing the start button it shows:
    11:03:44  Entering. Please stay patient
    11:03:44  Connecting to null...............

    Has anyone experienced this before and found a solution? I have searched the forum but didn't find any solution, so therefore this post.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I remember such error, something is missing or a file is unaccessible. Please PM your URL or write it here without www. and .com

  • i currently installed it on a free host for testing purposes but i guess this shouldn't be a problem since the script only requires php/mysql:

    by the way i know it's a subdomain, but i removed the .htaccess file so this shouldn't be causing it right

  • Yes, it was a good idea to remove the .htaccess file. I took a look at your site and it seems, land_en.ini is not loaded. I guess, the problem is the subdomain. How does your $WEB_SERVICE_URL look like? It should be:

    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "";

  • i changed the '$WEB_SERVICE_URL' to the one you mentioned but this didn't change anything. Any other ideas / tips maybe? :)

  • I tested around and found it is definitely a problem with the language file 'lang_en.ini', since when i delete it from the 'jabbercam/language' folder it gives the same faults in the application. Are there any explainable reasons why the language file can't be opened or something?

  • No idea… if you are using the ORIGINAL file, without editing a single character, does it work?

  • I am using the original file, no editing done

  • You have any texts showing up? If so, this would mean, the application is reading your language files but fails at a certain point. Strange. Did you try on any other host?

  • The text on the buttons and in the message part of the application show up, but the text in the drop-down boxes is missing.
    I did not try to run it on another host, will give that a shot shortly, thanks.

  • Please get back with the result. Thanks!

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