I18N error when compiling in draw mode

  • I'm trying to compile SVC in draw mode in FB4.6, but I get the error

    "drawController.as: Access of undefined property I18N."

    I followed the instructions elsewhere in this forum to switch to draw mode. I've got the following in VideoChat.mxml:

    	 <fx:style source="style/draw/css/style.css"><svc:draw></svc:draw></fx:style> 

    And this in my SkinConfig.as

    public static var SKIN_STYLE				:String = "draw";

    I followed the instructions in the thread about I18N errors in this forum, but it didn't help. I've got this in my additional compiler arguments property:

    "-locale=en_US -allow-source-path-overlap=true -source-path=locale/{locale}"

    Any idea what i'm doing wrong?

    Thank you.

  • Hi, you are doing everything well, it is an error related to localization (language files). You may need to modify some settings in Flash Builder, like updating the compiler settings and create the localized framework resources (this may be done already). Please read troug this post: http://www.videosoftware.pro/forum/THREAD-Localization-Flash-Builder-4-5

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