How to use only 1 language ?

  • Hi,

    I would use only one language, how to remove other language in select area and in auto language detect ba the browser ?

    I ask this because i don't want to change all language for each time the new version was release, it take too much to translate for each language.

    Thank you,

  • Just delete all language files form /jabbercam/language and in the ChatRouletteClone.mxml set a property for the select box: visible="false". Recompile the source.

  • Hi,

    I can't not recompile the source, please add the option to take out the select language and let us to chose with language we want to run.

    Thank you.

  • The option is given (I described above). Download Flex Builder and make the necessary changes.

  • There is an alternative "tricky" way to do it. It is just to update one file (prefered language) and copy and rename as the other languages files.

  • Unfortunally no.

    If you follow the instructions you are able to free download the trial version of compiler, and then, edit as you want :)

    Its Simple !!!


    You can edit config.php file and do it:

    $LANGUAGES = array("en"=>"English");
    $LANG_FILTERS = array("us"=>"English");

    Then, edit the English file into your own language .. :) Is not a correct way, but works ..

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