AMFphp issue

  • Dear all,

    I am building a fallback solution, based on a licensed version of SVC, RTMP and Wowza. The problem I have with that is that the RemotingConnection used by SVC, visibly to pass instructions to the backend, and retrieve the proper media streams per user, passes through an undocumented AMFphp gateway.

    Therefore, I am struggling to enable completely equivalent functionality over RTMP: I do not know what is being sent, what is expected, and how negotiations are handled on the backend.

    In advance thank you for your feedback regarding this issue.

  • AMFphp was only used with one-to-one and conference chats (also with some one broadcaster, multiple viewers -branches) and was never finalized. The released SVC-SR does not use that part of the SVC libraries. You can always look at the samples released by Adobe, the whole SVC project is somewhat based on those samples… yes, you won't find AMFphp related methods there ... what I can suggest is to wait for the next release, there may be some development in this direction.

  • Thank you, we can't really afford that but I found out by installing an AMFphp and, well, finding out.

  • that sounds Great, post an update if you have something cool coming up ;)

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