How to start Bonjour on Mac

  • Wondering how to start the Bonjour service on your mac's Safari in order to connect an AirPlay device? Some forums say it is there, in the bookmarks menu. But it can be hard to find it.

    Google "how to start bonjour on mac" and check the first result from Apple, Apple - Support - Bonjour

    They talk about the technology, wake on demand, file sharing and all kinds of developer stuff, no sign of "how to use it from Safari", don't give up, check the Bonjour FAQ…. Simplify Networking with Bonjour, Bonjour Network Discovery and Connectivity ... no sign of how to start it. Thanks for the iSheep videos, now let's get back to Google and find the answer.

    And the answer: Bonjour is there in the bookmarks, you just have to include it yourself. Preferences > Bookmarks and select "Include Bonjour" under Collections.

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