About Chatroulette Clone and Paid Face to Face Video Chat

  • Hello forum,

    I want to run a Chatroulette clone on my Wordpress website so that only the members of my website can enter it, is it possible with RVCS? I read the explanations of the applications on videosoftware pro's website and I think RVCS is the right one for my site, am I correct?

    Also I want to run another website that will contain a face-to-face video chatroom program in which the user pays to the owner of the room that he/she entered in. It should also only be available for my Wordpress website, I wonder if this is also possible/not possible. I have no idea about which application should I have for this site.

    If someone can explain me how to setup these two sites properly, which applications should I download/buy and give some links about the installation steps, I will really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • RVC and RVCS are developed very slowly, SVC is the one I would go with. The features you are looking for (especially the second one) are not yet released. Since there is a new group working on some dev., I guess it's wordpress related, the first may be here soon, the second part need SVC lib support that is a question of when if ever will be released. I would give it 2-3 weeks before making a decision.

  • But no here is the thing: My wordpress website is already doing that job. It only lets my members enter the website, so what I only have to do is to install the chatroulette clone on one of the pages, isn't that right? I don't need the second feature so badly right now but I do need the first one. RVCS technology is very simple (as I understood from what I read) and that's exactly what I need: just a random video chat application on my webpage.

    For example, there is a random video chatroulette clone demo of faceflow, they have a link on their website so when you just copy the link they give and paste it on your Wordpress post/page's HTML section, it directly shows up on there. However, the problem is that it is a demo, so the people that visit their site can enter the demo and they are also on the video chat, which is a problem since it should be only allowed for my members. So I just need the same technology, without the random people who don't have the membership.

    I hope someone can help me. Thanks again.

  • yes, it is pretty simple, however we will have to know, how to pass the username (to connect to) to the SVC (or RVCS), this is not released yet. I saw sites using it but the method is not public. If you take a look on this forum, there are two methods, both for RVC but nothing for SCV or RVCS. RVC and RVCS are Open Source, that may be the answer …

  • http://www.videosoftware.pro/forum/THREAD-Directly-set-username-and-one-way-connection

    it works with sex, age, etc on SVC but dont ask me how, yet :(

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