Microphone too low

  • Hello, I purchased RVC yesterday and it's up and running using Stratus [no idea if it could handle the users tho.].

    After a bit of configuring and editing I found out the microphono is very very low, already changed the default value for speakers and volume to "1" on the config.php.

    I purchased RVC because on the free version (RVC 4) workeds flawlessly, now I figure the pro version is even worse in that matter, why this is happening?.

    If you need any information for debug or something just hit me up, I'd glad to give the link of my site over PM.

    thanks in advance.

  • There is a new echo cancellation in RVC 5 that may be the change but as I remember the posts from last year that was only a one-line addition to the source. Should not cause any problems. I am not familiar with that source any more but if you have problems with RVC, I would recommend to switch to the more advanced SVC-SR Video Chat. If you paid for RVC and you don't have SVC-SR, give them an e-mail, they usually help you out.

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