Dahua IP Camera Setup (Mac)

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    Dahua IPC-HFW4300S (HD 1080p PoE IP Camera)

    1. Prepare, you will need:

    • a router (cable modem, or other similar device) with at least one free LAN port (Internet)
    • Dahua IPC-HFW4300S IP Camera
    • PoE Injector or PoE Switch or PoE Router (to power the camera)
    • Two RJ45 Cat5e Ethernet Cables Step

    2. Connect:

      1. connect the first RJ45 cable to your Internet connection (ex. Router LAN port)
    • 1.1 connect the other end to the PoE injector (or PoE Switch). If your router has a PoE LAN port, you can skip this step
      1. connect the second RJ45 cable to the PoE injector output (Power+Data OUT)
    • 2.1 connect the other end to the Dahua IPC-HFW4300S IP Camera

    3. Access Setup: the Dahua cameras are preset with fixed IP addresses: and they will not automatically get an IP address from the DHCP server (e.g. the router). You will need to do is temporarily set your Mac to use an IP on the same subnet as the camera (for example, - the first three numbers have to be the same and the fourth different), and then you will be able to access the camera at using a web browser. You then set the camera to use an IP address on the same subnet as your network, reset your Mac's IP settings, and then the camera is visible to your network. This is described in our setup instructions for network cameras. While the camera is on a different subnet, you will be able to detect it via its Bonjour address, however all attempts at accessing it will fail.

      1. fire up BonjourBrowser and find the IP and Port of the camera
    • 1.1 the default IP is, default user name and password: admin/admin, the port is 80
      1. to create port forwarding on your router for the IP and Port probably you will have to reserve a local IP for the camera so
      1. create a DHCP reservation for the camera and after done, reboot your router and camera to make sure the camera has the reserve IP address ex. 4. create a port forwarding with the default port (80) and the IP address above
      1. access the address with a web browser and change the IP address and Port after your preference, the default admin pass is admin/12345

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