HOW TO: Increase webcam quality with RED5

  • I have edited these 2 (two) lines to get better webcam quality:

    Line 2207: <mx:videodisplay width="320" height="240" id="vidOther" verticalcenter="0" buffertime="0.5">Line 2231: <mx:videodisplay width="320" height="240" id="vidMe" verticalcenter="0" autobandwidthdetection="true">// Coments

    at line 2207 I have added a buffer time of 0.5 seconds. Its minimize some problems with fast actions at webcam. You can increase this time, but will increase the image - sound delay - be carefully using this.

    at line 2231 I have added the autoBandWidthDetection, that helps users with low bandwidth as we have here in Brazil.

    We have a very nice quality improovement.

    NOTE: We use RED5 servers, its not tested with stratus !!!


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